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Quartz Countertops

Quartz is a fashionable alternative to traditional stone countertops. Employing industrial techniques, this natural material is fortified with resin to create hard-wearing and customisable worktops, making it the perfect choice for busy kitchens. It has become more popular over the years and has become a more uniformed, contemporary stone work surface. This natural stone is resistant to staining or scratching. Its unrestricted range of colours provides unlimited interior solutions. Dyes, glass or metallic flecks added to this natural stone provide different finishes from glossy, plain or even flecked or sparkly.

Your kitchen countertops will be used for preparing, serving, and dining, they will need to withstand intensive cleaning every time. You are interacting with them multiple times a day. They are the natural focal point of the kitchen, complementing kitchen units and the kitchen flooring. It’s important to choose the right style for your property as well as a surface that will suit your cooking habits.

Benefits of Quartz

Usually quartz countertops are fabricated from natural quartz, which is one of the hardest minerals found on Earth. Small amounts of glass or metallic flecks can also be added with the intention to create variety. These varieties result in beautiful work surfaces. Other advantage of Quartz is that it’s a non-porous material. This means that its texture does not allow bacteria to grow and is also stain resistant. This protects you and your family as well as making kitchen clean-up that much easier.

Because of this quartz countertops never need to be sealed.

Aside from durability, this beautiful material brings liveliness to your home. With its wide variety of colour options, one is sure to catch your eye. This natural stone colour mostly depends on how coarsely the material is crushed. Countertops of quartz can not only bring character to kitchen interiors but also offer great performance advantages which compared to other traditional countertop materials. The look of quartz is more uniformed in colour and pattern than granite. This is often considered a plus for homeowners who enjoy symmetry or who are turned off by the less consistent pattering and veining of granite.


Quartz’s main selling point is durability. It is considered one of the lowest maintenance materials around. Quartz is fairly impervious to etching, stains, chips or cracks. This means that you don’t need surface sealers upon installation or expensive resealing down the road.

Quartz however, is sensitive to high levels of heat. It’s advisable to use a trivet under any scalding pans and pots.

The extremely dense, compact composition of quartz surfaces inhibits the growth of bacteria and its transfer between foods and objects. Because quartz countertops are non-porous, the only maintenance required is a wipe-down with soap and water. Even if quartz is a resistant material, it does not tolerate contact with aggressive cleaning agents that contain chlorine or ammonia. We suggest using a glass filed with water, vinegar and tablespoon of washing liquid at least once a month to wipe the surface. Don’t forget to rinse thoroughly straight after.



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