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Ross Limestone

At James Gogarty Stone, we can supply Ross limestone from our own quarry in Ross, Co. Meath. The limestone from Ross was used extensively in the construction of many landmark buildings like the cathedrals in Mullingar and Cavan. Kylemore Abbey in Galway was also built from Ross Limestone along with various churches, banks, council buildings and bridges.

It is an ideal stone to consider for any restoration or renovation project. When the limestone is combined with the sophisticated CNC machines in our factory, any project can be realised with precision. The stone is extracted with modern machinery and processed to ensure minimum waste and maximum potential.

Recently, Ross limestone has been processed into tiles and has been well received both in Ireland and in Europe. The polishing and brushing processes really bring out the unique earthy tones and colours in the limestone. Interior designers will love the way it blends into sophisticated colour schemes and ambitious concepts.

Like marble or granite, high quality limestone is often used in interior and exterior building projects. It comes in a range of different shades. Limstone’s shade can range from dark blue to a lighter colour such as blue grey. Changes in finishes give the stone a variation in colour. It provides many opportunities to adapt natural stone to any design.

Of course, Ross limestone can be used for many architectural requirements. It is a very popular choice for windowsills, quoin stones, wall and pier capping, door surrounds and random walling. It is being used extensively now for this purpose. We have large stocks of split stone in bags ready for immediate delivery. The Ross limestone in available in authentic antique aesthetics with surface finishes that vary from fine chiselling to coarse chiselling. These will never look out of place when fitted beside original stonework in old buildings.

Limestone can be used to bring the beauty of natural stone to your home’s interior or exterior. Its durability against a variety of weather conditions makes it ideal for maintaining the structural integrity of a building.

For smaller, more intricate designs, limestone is also a popular choice because almost any shape can be fashioned from larger slabs. In modern design, there are numbers of custom features you can add to your home using this stone as a foundation material.

It is also in demand for use in monuments. It is especially popular for traditional designs in country cemeteries, where a handmade, carved monument will not look out of place amongst older monuments and designs.

You are welcome to visit the quarry where you can see for yourself Ross limestone in its natural form and we can discuss your project and ideas. We can provide samples of the stone in various finishes. You can be assured of our full attention and a quality service at all times.



Ross Limestone