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Stone Cladding

Our natural stone cladding generally comes in a variety of sizes that are dependent on panel type. A thin, real stone layer can be easily installed as an interior or exterior application. Individual pieces of stone provide virtually endless possibilities to create random patterns or designs. They can be used as internal, external walls or as elevations. Cladding can be used for landscaping applications such as garden walls, patios, stairs and paths.

Durability is likely to be the most important quality for any building material. If you are looking for a long-lasting exterior solution, that combines durability with decorative elements, than natural stone is the perfect building material for you. Stone is a eco-friendly material that’s created by nature. Stone is naturally water resistant, scratch resistant and can withstand the wear and tear demands of a busy environment. It is also very easy to clean.

Building Stones Varieties


Most of the stones are swanned at the back which allows them to be quickly and efficiently fixed to wall surfaces using adhesive. There are 3 ranges of wall cladding: coursed, random and straight cut stone.

  • Coursed stone wall cladding comes in individual stone pieces. They are cut to a uniform height and to different lengths. Some are more uniformed than others but all of them create a great dry stone effect. Generally they do not require mortar joints, as they can be fixed tightly together. However, some stones may require a thin mortar. The final effect depends on the fitter’s aesthetic and fitting skill. Coursed building and walling stones create an even and uniform look. Finishes include tumbled, pitched faced or split faced. This cladding type of coursed stone is pre-cut for easier construction.


  • Random stones come in large, medium and small sizes. They are also available in a wide range of natural colours that can be cropped to size with. We have random stones available for walls and building exteriors in sandstone, granite, limestone and marble.Random Stone require mortar joints as they are loosely laid due to their irregularities. These stones are also excellent for paving and are relatively easy to lay. Withal tends to be more difficult than fitting coursed or straight cut stones. The final effect, again, is up to fitter’s skill and aesthetics sense. Random stones are suitable for the house or garden.


  • Straight cut natural stone wall cladding comes as individual pieces of stone. Usually they are cut in to regular uniformed heights and lengths. They are available in various types and forms. They can be installed with or without mortar. Straight cut stone cladding is easy to lay. Straight cut stone is less challenging to lay than random stone but proves more challenging than coursed stone.Stone cladding is easy to install, comes in a variety of striking natural finishes and is resistant to temperature extremes. Cladding is extremely cost effective and provides minimum wastage. Stone cladding is also maintenance free. Cladding is suitable for exterior and interior applications.



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